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Monday, August 5, 2019

TheLEDLight.com - Everything LED Lighting

Everything made with LEDs. Find everything from loose leds and led drivers to finished LED fixtures, LED Light Bulbs, LED Landscape Lighting, RGB Color Changing LED Lights, etc.

TheLEDLight.com - Everything LED Lighting

The LED Light had its beginning in 1997 retailing a limited number of LED flashlights, replacement bulbs, strobes and vests. Product line has grown over the years to incorporate many new LED products including high end commercial LED fixtures, LED light bulbs, LED landscape lighting, LED traffic safety products, and energy conserving LED lighting ready for your efficient solar systems.

TheLEDLight.com - Everything LED Lighting

How to Choose a LED Light Bulb for your Light Fixtures

Every light fixture benefits from a well-chosen light bulb; and improvements over the past few years have made LED light bulbs a very good choice, indeed. LED bulbs offer both practical and aesthetic advantages over incandescent and fluorescent lights.

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