Foss - Accurate Analytical Solutions and Instruments

FOSS is the world's leading provider of analytical instruments for the food, agricultural, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Foss - Accurate Analytical Solutions and Instruments

Some of the areas where FOSS Instruments and Equipment are used Biofuel, Central Milk Testing, Chemical Analysis and something Very Important Grain, flour milling & oilseed processing.

Infratec Sofia Grain Analyser

Infratec Sofia Grain Analyser - Foss

The fully portable Infratec Sofia whole grain analyser measures protein, moisture and oil in the field. Infratec Sofia is ready to use wherever you are - in the harvester, in the tractor or in your car. The instrument is based on near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy, a field in which FOSS has vast experience and knowledge.

delabs Notes - Very Important

Why i consider this important is because i feel Grains as a Staple diet is very important for everybody, Human Health improves. More than half of health problems of man is due to the Non-Vegetarian diet, it is not Hygienic and transmits Disease.

Emperor of the Five Grains - Shennong

Appropriately, his name means "the Divine Farmer". Considered to be the father of Chinese agriculture, Shennong taught his people how to cultivate grain as food, so as to avoid killing animals.