Photon Counters Becker & Hickl GmbH

Technology leader in equipment for photon counting. bh devices are designed to record multi-dimensional photon distributions, time-resolved images and more.

Photon Counters Becker & Hickl GmbH

Applications include Standard fluorescence lifetime applications, Single molecule spectroscopy, Lifetime imaging with scanning microscopes, Diffuse optical tomography and others.

Simple-Tau 154 Becker & Hickl

Simple-Tau 154 Becker & Hickl

Some Features are

  • Four channel TCSPC system in laptop format

  • Four bh SPC-150 TCSPC modules

  • Picosecond resolution (electronic IRF 8 ps FWHM)

  • Time channel width down to 813 fs

  • High count rate - up to 40 MHz

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