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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Industrial Hand Held terminals Two Technologies

"Two Technologies has been designing and manufacturing customizable, rugged
hand held computers and rugged terminals for industrial and commercial
applications since 1987."

Industrial Hand Held terminals Two Technologies

Industrial Hand Held terminals Two


"Increased level of safety when using the terminal to control motion oriented
tasks on a robotic device by allowing the host and terminal to monitor one
another and react to event changes (host actions are dependent on host

ProMotion Rugged Hand Held


Features Include

  • Three (3) Position Liveman Switch

  • Double Pole E-Stop Switch

  • Large Display - 8 rows x 24 characters

  • ANSI 3.64 (VT-100) Compatibility

  • Keys Programmable as Characters

  • Up to 57,600 bps Communications 

Two Technologies, Inc.
419 Sargon Way, Horsham, PA 19044, USA 

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