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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hamlin - Custom Reed Switches Sensors

Hamlin - Custom Reed Switches Sensors

Hamlin offers a broad range of position, level and flow sensors, reed switches and relays.

1965 - World´s first change-over reed switch released

Hamlin manufactures an extensive range of standard sensor products utilizing reed, digital and analog Hall effect technologies...

Hamlin manufacture an extensive range of Reed switches with differing mechanical and electrical characteristics...

Hamlin supply a range of molded reed relay products manufactured using largely automated manufacturing processes....

HSS Shock Sensor - Hamlin

Features - Magnetically operated reed switch, High power switching, Standard diagnostic pin, Fully sealed unit.

"A magnetically operated reed switch sensor for the detection of unidirectional shock levels with normally open contacts which actuate when set level of shock occurs. High power switching up to 200Vdc at 50VA ."

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