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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Teledyne Technologies - Multi Engineering

Teledyne Technologies is a leading provider of sophisticated electronic components, instruments & communications products.

Teledyne Technologies - Multi Engineering Teledyne Three Phase Solid State Relay

  • Electronics & Communications

  • Systems Engineering Solutions

  • Aerospace Engines & Components

  • Energy Systems

"Is an industrial conglomerate primarily based in the United States but with global operations. It was founded in 1960 by Henry Singleton and George Kozmetsky."

Teledyne Technologies Incorporated

1049 Camino Dos Rios - Thousand Oaks, CA 91360, USA

Ferroxcube - ferrite cores and bobbins

Ferroxcube - ferrite cores and bobbins

A former Philips Components company now part of Yageo Corporation, suppliers of passive components.

Ferrite components and accessories from Ferroxcube are used in a wide range of applications, from telecommunications and computing electronics through consumer electronic products to automotive.

  • Data Handbook Soft Ferrites and Accessories

  • Soft ferrites for EMI suppression (update)

  • Experience and knowhow in control & measurement.

  • Gapped SMD beads for power inductors

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bourns Components and Solutions

Bourns Components and Solutions

  Trimmer Preset

"The invention of the first miniature linear motion and vane position
potentiometers propelled their tiny business into a global corporation,
manufacturing a range of products that impact almost every aspect of today's
electronics industry. "

"From its earliest days, Bourns established a benchmark for quality, value,
and innovation. In 1952, Bourns patented the world's first trimming
potentiometer, trademarked Trimpot . Bourns"

Other products the design and manufacture are in the areas of Circuit
Protection, Connectors, Diodes, Encoders, LED Shunt Protectors, Magnetic
Products, Microelectronic Modules and Position Sensors.

Protection Assembly with Technology

Protection Assembly (IPA) Model 2360.


This provides station protection and subscriber interface in a single
housing, protecting homes from the potential hazards of overvoltage faults due
to lightning or power-cross. This also features Multi Stage Protection (MSP)
technology, offering a protection product with the best of both technologies -
the robust, current-handling capability of a gas discharge tube and the quick
reaction time of solid state protection. The product is ideal for today's
high-speed broad bandwidth services.

Ohmite Electronic Components

Ohmite Manufacturing Company has been a leading provider of resistors for high current, high voltage and high energy applications for over 80 years. Products includes wirewound, wire element, thick film, and ceramic composition resistors, in addition to variable voltage controls.

Ohmite Electronic components Power resistors

The products include Power resistors, Surface mount resistors, Rheostats etc..They also have chokes, shunts and heatsinks too. Variable Resistors or Potentiometers, Solid State power controls and SMD resistors are also avialable.

Ohmite Electronic Components


Ohmite Manufacturing Company started operations in a small shop on the west side of Chicago in 1925. Founded by David T. Siegel, the company's focus was to manufacture carbon and wire wound 'lug' resistors for Chicago's growing radio manufacturing industry. As the electronics industry grew and continued to develop

Ohmite Mfg. Co.
27501 Bella Vista Parkway, Warrenville IL, 60555, USA.

PCBexpress - Prototype PCB Manufacturer

"PCBexpress, the leading global internet supplier of printed circuit board prototypes, manufactures and ships worldwide. PCBexpress and its affiliated services have been manufacturing printed circuit boards for over 30 years, and successfully selling prototype PCBs online since 1997."

PCBexpress - Prototype PCB Manufacturer

  • RoHS - No added cost or added lead-times

  • Full Featured Boards

  • PCB123 circuit board design software.

  • FAQ - Top Q&A

  • File Checklist and PCB Tutorial

PCBexpress - Prototype PCB Manufacturer