Saturday, September 1, 2007

Kandel Electronics - Used Test Equipment

Used electronic test equipment for industrial, medical and lab applications. Affiliated with a large NIST calibration/certification lab.

Kandel Electronics - Used Test Equipment

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Kandel Electronics - Used Test Equipment

Used Electronic Test Equipment like AC / DC Power Supplies, Calibration Equipment, Coaxial & Waveguide, EMI/RFI Analyzers & Antennas, Electrical Safety & Compliance, Oscilloscopes & Curve Tracers and Telecommunication Equipment.

TDS3054 500MHz Digital Oscilloscope 4-ch 5GS/s

TDS3054 500MHz Digital Oscilloscope Tek

Some Features

  • 500 MHZ, 5.0 GS/S, 4-CH.

  • 9-Bit Vertical Resolution

  • FFT and Advanced Pulse/Logic Triggering Modules

  • Advanced Triggers including Glitch, Runt and Logic

Used Test Equipment - eBay

Kandel Electronics, Inc. - 212 Roesch Avenue - Oreland, PA 19075

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