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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hasco Components - Reed and Electromechanical Relays

Hasco Components has been in the business of Relays, Reed Switches and Reed Relays since 1976.

Hasco Components - Reed and Electromechanical Relays

Product line encompass 500 different types of relays and electromechanical relays, as well as 24 types of reed relays, that range from milliamps to 80 amps. They include both DC and AC coil voltages and can also switch from one pole to 4 pole

RPR Series RPR SeriesSPDT 10 Amp

10A switching capability, Subminiature, standard PCB layout, Plastic sealed and flux proofed types available.

611 Series Mini Reed Relays 0.5 Amp

Encapsulated Body, Small size, PCB Mounting, Available with external shield.

delabs Notes

Reed relays can be used even for switching High Frequency and Low Level Signal. The control circuit should not induce cross talk. It is good for even making precision Attenuators.  

Hasco Relays and Electronics International Corp.

906 Jericho Turnpike New Hyde Park, NY 11040, USA.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Teledyne Technologies - Multi Engineering

Teledyne Technologies is a leading provider of sophisticated electronic components, instruments & communications products.

Teledyne Technologies - Multi Engineering Teledyne Three Phase Solid State Relay

  • Electronics & Communications

  • Systems Engineering Solutions

  • Aerospace Engines & Components

  • Energy Systems

"Is an industrial conglomerate primarily based in the United States but with global operations. It was founded in 1960 by Henry Singleton and George Kozmetsky."

Teledyne Technologies Incorporated

1049 Camino Dos Rios - Thousand Oaks, CA 91360, USA

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ledex - Solenoids Rotary Actuators

Ledex - Solenoids Rotary Actuators


From Johnson Electric a leader in motion subsystems, including motors,
solenoids, switches and flexible interconnects.

Brands include Johnson Motor, Saia Burgess, NanoMotion, Ledex, Dormeyer and

Solenoids Provide Quiet Flexible Operation

  Ledex - Solenoids Rotary Actuators

"Ledex introduces MagShift Solenoids. This highly flexible solenoid family
eliminates impact among its moving parts and therefore provides extremely quiet
operation. In a power-ON mode, MagShift solenoids will measure below 40 dBA,
including end of travel stop.

When the unit reaches its end-of-travel position there is no impact force,
which eliminates vibration and minimizes noise. Unlike other linear or tubular
solenoids, when the MagShift is actuated the plunger is able to travel past the
electrical ON position. "

Design Tools

  • What are Solenoids?

  • Solenoid Basics

  • Solenoid Applications

  • Rotary Solenoid

  • Linear Solenoid

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Guardian Electric - Solenoids Relays Switches

Guardian Electric - Solenoids Relays Switches

Guardian Electric Manufacturing Company is a supplier of electromechanical and electromagnetic components, subassemblies, and assemblies to a wide range of industries.

Broadest lines of electromechanical assemblies and motion control components: solenoids, relays, control grips and switches

Pull Type AC Frame Solenoids

Pull Type AC Frame Solenoids

Duty Cycle - Continuous: 100% On Time

Intermittent: (On Time) / (On + Off Time) x 100