Monday, December 8, 2008

Mitsubishi Factory Automation

Mitsubishi Electric have advanced products and services in factory automation.  They have controllers, drive control devices, power distribution control equipment and industrial mechatronics too.

Mitsubishi Factory Automation 

Product Lines Include -

Compact PLC - compact dimensions and low cost compact controllers.

Modular PLC - allows users to mix and select the best combination of CPUs, communication devices, specialist control modules and discreet I/O on a back-plane.

HMI Solutions - broad spectrum of operating and visualisation systems, ranging from simple text-based HMI panels to full-featured industrial PCs.

Servo Motion Control - single axis point-to-point system through to fully synchonised 96 axis systems.

Electronic Measuring Instrument ME96NSR

Electronic Measuring Instrument ME96NSR

Electronic multi-measuring instruments are installed on power receiving and distribution facilities at buildings and factories. The instruments measure electricity, including voltage, current, power and electrical energy, in order to provide information on how electricity is being received and used.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Newport Electronics - Instrumentation

A leader in high-precision test, measurement, process control and automation instrumentation for more than three decades.

Newport Electronics - Instrumentation

Stand-alone, compact, battery powered thermocouple connectors that transmit their readings back to a host receiver up to 120 m (400') away. Each unit can be programmed in the field to work as a type J, K, T, E, R, S, B, N or C calibration connector. When activated the connector will transmit readings continuously at pre set time interval that was programmed by the user during the initial setup. ........

Newport Electronics - Instrumentation

Wireless Thermocouple Connector Series

Interfaces with Model UWTC-REC1 For Multi- Channel PC Chart Recording and Data Logging or Model UWTC-REC2 (Single Channel Industrial Transceiver with Analog Output and Alarm 

NEWPORT Electronics, Inc.

2229 South Yale Street Santa Ana, CA 92704-4401

Baumer - Force Strain Pressure Sensors Instruments

Baumer Sensors are used in control loops and process displays for the purpose of optimising and controlling machines and production lines.

Baumer - Force Strain Pressure Sensors Instruments

Applications in industrial automation and drive systems. Sectors where these sensors are used - Plastics industry, Vehicle manufacture, Textile industry, Handling-robotics, and Oil exploration.

G1MMH - Absolute encoders

G1MMH - Absolute encoders
  • Encoder multiturn / bus cover
  • Optical sensing
  • Resolution: singleturn 13 bit, multiturn 16 bit
  • Through hollow shaft of 1” and 2” diameter
A standardised application for distributed industrial automated systems has been defined on the basis of CAN. CANopen was developed within the framework of the CAN-in-Automation (CiA) organisation.

Baumer Group
Hummelstr. 17 Frauenfeld, 8501 Switzerland

Friday, November 7, 2008

Ashcroft Gauges - Digital Pressure Gauges

Ashcroft pressure gauges, temperature instruments, pressure and temperature switches, transducers and transmitters are specified and trusted around the world for the most demanding requirements.

Ashcroft Gauges - Digital Pressure Gauges

Ashcroft DG25 series

Product Range Includes 

  • Panel Meters & Pneumatic Transmitters

  • Pressure Transducers & Transmitters

  • Analog Pressure Gauges

  • Differential Pressure Switches

  • Pressure Switches

    Ashcroft DG25 series

    This offers 0.5% of span accuracy, while the laser welded stainless steel sensor and socket make this product suitable for use with a wide variety of pressure media in demanding industrial applications.

    Nine engineering units of measure plus one user programmable unit. Capable of measuring gauge, vacuum and compound ranges from -14.7 psi through 25,000 psi.

    Features Include

    • 5 digit LCD display with .48" character size 

    • New bar graph display (20 segment) 

    •  IP 67 weatherproof enclosure

    Ashcroft Inc.

    250 East Main Street, Stratford, CT 06614-5145 USA

    Honeywell Sensotec - Load Cells Pressure Sensors

    Honeywell Sensotec - Load Cells Pressure Sensors

     Model Super TJE Ultra Precision Pressure Transducer

    Comprehensive product lines of pressure transducers, load cells, torque cells and electronic sensor instrumentation. Sensotec - Lebow manufactures a full line of sensors for acceleration and position (LVDT's).

    • Honeywell Sensotec Application Notes

    • Products in the Semiconductor Industry

    • Honeywell Sensing and Control

    Model Super TJE Ultra Precision Pressure Transducer

    Model Super TJE is one of the most accurate industrial pressure transducers available today. The Super TJE features 0.05 % accuracy and zero temperature error of less than 0.0015 % FS/°F.

    Therm-O-Disc Temperature Sensors

    Therm-O-Disc Incorporated was founded in Mansfield, Ohio in 1947. Therm-O-Disc is a leading supplier of temperature sensors, temperature controls and electrical switches to the global appliance, HVAC, automotive and commercial industries.

    Therm-O-Disc Temperature Sensors

    Products -   Bimetal Controls & Limits, Flammable Vapor Sensors, Flow Sensors, Microtemp Thermal Fuses, Pressure Sensors, Relative Humidity Sensors, Temperature Sensors and  Wireless Sensors.

    61F Bimetal Fuse Limit - Thermodisc - Emerson

    61F Bimetal Fuse Limit

     The 61F 3/4'' bimetal disc temperature limit controls offers reliable one shot operation at temperatures up to 350°F (177°C). Utilizing the same bitmetal temperature sensing principle as the 60T automatic reset control.

    Therm-O-Disc Inc.

    Subsidiary of Emerson Electric Co.

    1320 South Main Street Mansfield, OH 44907, USA.

    ASB Heating Elements Limited

    Manufactures electric resistance tubular heating elements; a tubular element is often referred to as a CalRod element. Offer a full line of electric heating products. The list includes immersion heaters, flange heaters, screw plug heaters, tubular elements, finned tubular elements, tank heaters, and oven heaters. Established in 1989.

    ASB Heating Elements Limited

    Finned Tubular Heating Elements are the most versatile, dependable and rugged of any heat generating device. These qualities make Finned Tubular Heating Elements an ideal heat source for many applications. Finned Tubular Heating Elements are the core of the most common heating solutions found today.

    ASB Heating Elements Limited

    Why Are Finned Tubular Heating Elements So Widely Accepted For Process Heating?
    • Extremely rugged
    • Can be formed into many unique and complex shapes
    • Can be finned for improved forced air heat transfer
    • Easy to precisely control the heat output to perfectly match your process requirements
    • Low capital cost
    • Negligible maintenance
    • Can be used in virtually every industrial environment up to about 1000°F (540°C)
    • Has a proven track record of over many years and applications.

    ASB Heating Elements Ltd.
    20 Bethridge Rd, Etobicoke, ON M9W 1N1, Canada

    Campbell Scientific data acquisition and control

    "Campbell Scientific data acquisition and control products are used worldwide in research and industry."

    Campbell Scientific data acquisition and control

    They manufacture dataloggers, data acquisition systems, weather station network, hydrologic gauging station  & many types of measurement & control products.

    Campbell Scientific's CR3000 Micrologger is a self-contained, rugged datalogger that includes battery-backed, real-time clock and nonvolatile data storage.

    CR3000 Micrologger - Campbell Scientific

    CR3000 Micrologger - Campbell Scientific

    Some Features -

    • Collects and stores data and controls peripherals as the brain of your system.

    • 4-MB memory can be expanded with add-on memory systems.

    • Communicates via various options: TCP/IP, email, FTP, web server.

    Supports Modbus protocol, SDI-12 protocol, and SDM devices, so you can use it with a wide variety of sensors and peripherals.

    Campbell Scientific, Inc.

    815 West 1800 North Logan, Utah 84321-1784 USA

    Thursday, November 6, 2008

    Corcom - EMI RFI Filter Technology

    Corcom filters are recognized worldwide for providing EMI/RFI filtering solutions. All Corcom filters have been designed and tested for susceptibility and/or emissions applications, and have received approval from major safety agencies throughout the world, including UL, CSA and VDE.

    Corcom - EMI RFI Filter Technology

    Some of the types are for Medical Applications, Three Phase Power, Power Inlet, Power Entry Modules and DC Applications.

    Signal Line Filters - RJ11, RJ45 and board level filter solutions for signal line noise and cross talk.

    Power Line Filters - Solutions for equipment susceptibility and international emissions standards for EMI/RFI.

    Medical Power Line Filters

    Medical Power Line Filters - Corcom

    These are suitable for use in medical equipment with previously offered current ratings of 3A-15A and are suitable for medical applications with increased current ratings that require minimal leakage current.

    Understanding RFI Power Line Filters

    What Is a Power Line Interference Filter?

    A power Line interference filter is a primary tool available to the designer of electronic equipment to control conducted RFI both into the equipment (potential equipment malfunction) and out of the equipment....

    Since the largest component of leakage current is usually from the power line filter, it is prudent to set a maximum leakage current limit for the filter itself........

     leakage current

    FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology

    US manufacturer and supplier of advanced Load Cells, Force Sensors, Torque Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Signal Conditioners, Digital Displays and Portable Sensor Verification / Calibration Systems (VCal) utilizing Strain Gauge and thin film technology. Estd. -1988,

    FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology

    FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology

    Selecting the right Sensor for your application is no easy task. There is no real industry standard on how you go about selecting your product. Other challenges you may encounter include finding compatible instrumentation or requiring a non-standard product that could increase delivery time.

    How To Guides - Futek

    Even after you pick the right sensor, it will not give you satisfactory results if it is installed incorrectly. It is also important to find a sensor manufacturer that has the experience to support your needs before and after the sale. That’s why we provided some useful tips on how to select a Load Cell, Torque Sensor, Pressure Sensor or when you’re looking to build a Sensor System Solution.

    FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc.
    10 Thomas, Irvine, California 92618, USA.

    Monday, October 6, 2008

    Link Instruments - USB Instrumentation

    Link Instruments was founded in 1986 by 3 Columbia University graduates that saw a need for affordable Logic Analyzers and Digital Storage Oscilloscopes.

    Link Instruments - PC Based test and measurement

    Link Instruments sells and manufactures USB Digital Oscilloscopes and Logic Analyzers for Windows PC's and Laptops. PC Based test and measurement equipment and instrumentation: digital oscilloscope, logic analyzer and spectrum analyzer.

     IO-3200 Logic Analyzer and Pattern Generator

    IO-3200 Logic Analyzer and Pattern Generator

    USB based Dual Instrument, ideal for Digital Circuits or Equipment Design-Development. An Embedded Systems Lab Tool. The IO-3200s have 32 Logic Analyzer input channels and up to 32 Pattern Generator output channels.

    Link Instruments Inc.
    17A Daniel Road East, Fairfield, NJ 07004, USA

    Electronic Test Equipment from Tucker Electronics

    Tucker Electronics offers New and Refurbished Oscilloscopes, Analyzers, Meters, Counters and Power Supplies from quality manufacturers.

    Electronic Test Equipment from Tucker Electronics

    New Test Equipment, Refurbished Test Equipment, Used Test Equipment.

    Electronic Test Equipment from Tucker Electronics

    Test and Measurement Equipment Categories

    AC and DC Electronic Loads, Network Analyzers, Oscilloscopes, Analog Meters, Data Acquisition Systems/Equip, Power Supplies, Pulse & Data Generators, Digital Multimeters,Voltmeters.
    Function Gens & Waveform Synth, Semiconductor/Tube Test Equip, Signal Analyzers, LCR Meters, Spectrum Analyzers, Microwave Meters, Telecom and Datacom Instruments.

    "Tucker maintains a large inventory of both new and re-manufactured instruments so you can get what you need fast. Many quality test and measurement instruments from manufacturers such as Agilent, Tektronix, Rohde and Schwarz, Fluke, and California Instruments." - from older catalog

    Tucker Electronics,
    11448 Pagemill Rd., Dallas, TX 75243, USA.

    Thursday, October 2, 2008

    Dataforth Corporation - Industrial Data Acquisition

    They are a Developer and Manufacturer of data acquisition, signal conditioning and data communication products for industrial applications. They have Comprehensive High Technology solutions for Data Systems for demanding environments and precision requirements.

    Dataforth Corporation - Industrial Data Acquisition

    Products include Data Acquisition Systems, Sensors and conditioning for Accelerometers, Frequency, True RMS, Digital Thermistor, Thermocouple, RTD, Strain Gage, Digital Data Communication Products, Line Drivers and Converters.

    Dataforth's DSCL series of isolators, along with the DSCP and SCTP product lines, provides a complete family of loop and universal AC/DC powered isolator and transmitter models in component, DIN rail, panel, and head-mount packages.

    DSCL Series Industrial Loop Isolators and Transmitters

    DSCL Series Industrial Loop Isolators and Transmitters

    They protect valuable measurement and control signals as well as connected equipment from noise, transient power surges, internal ground loops, and other hazards present in industrial environments.

    Dataforth Corporation

    3331 E Hemisphere Loop Tucson, Arizona (AZ) 85706-5011 USA.

    Chase Scientific - data acquisition and signal generation

    Chase Scientific - data acquisition and signal generation

    Ultra High Speed, low power, and compact Computer Based Digitizer cards as well as a family of the fastest Arbitrary Waveform Generator cards.

    "Chase Scientific was originally founded as a consulting firm in 1987, specializing in advanced high speed analog and digital communication channels for the magnetic storage industry."

    AD2100, 2-CH, 100 MS/sec PC/104-Plus Digitizers

    "This is an embedded 2-CH, 100MHz PC/104+ Digitizer which uses Scatter/Gather DMA for transfers up to 110MBytes/sec from board to system memory. It can sample two 12-bit A/D channels simultaneously and store the data to on-board memory (up to 2Meg/ch)."

    Wednesday, October 1, 2008

    Keysight Technologies - Test and Measurement

    hp or  Hewlett-Packard  started as a T&M Firm.  Agilent  Technologies continued the Instrumentation Products after hp became a computer company.  Now Keysight Technologies is the new name for the Instrumentation Division. Agilent now is a Life Sciences company.

    Keysight Technologies - Test and Measurement

    "From a small garage in Palo Alto, California, to employees around the world serving customers in 110 countries, Agilent has a long history of innovation and leadership in the communications, electronics, semiconductor, test and measurement, life sciences and chemical analysis industries."

    Keysight Technologies - Test and Measurement

    The company founded by William "Bill" Redington Hewlett and Dave Packard was know as Hewlett-Packard Company or HP. This was a Test and Measurement company. First popular product was a precision audio oscillator, the Model HP200A.

    Later Computer and Printer products divisions retained the brand and firm and Agilent was spun off for for the Test and Measurement and other non-computer product line.

    Tuesday, September 9, 2008

    Amot - Instrumentation and Control

    AMOT provides the oil and gas , rail, marine, power generation and many other markets with tailored design solutions for the control and monitoring of process packages, engines, compressors and pumps

    Amot - Instrumentation and Control

    "Pioneering manufacturer of quality components for rotating machinery since 1948, inventor of the industrial thermostatic valve"

    Prodiucts include - Electronic Controls, Speed Sensors, Temperature Switches & Engine Protection.

    CSX-210 Hazardous Area Control Unit

    CSX-210 Hazardous Area Control Unit

    It monitors engine speed, temperatures and oil pressure. Should any one of these fall outside pre-set limits, power is withdrawn from the air intake shutoff valve solenoid causing the valve to close and shutting down the engine.

    Speed Switches

    Speed switches are used to monitor engine rpm in automatic diesel engine overspeed protection systems.

    8026 Flow Switch

    AMOT Model 8026 flow switch protects against liquid loss by sensing and switching on Flow or No- Flow operation.

    Amot USA

    8824 Fallbrook Dr Houston, TX 77064 USA.

    TDK - Electronic components and Materials

    Electronic components, materials and power supplies to factory automation systems, anechoic chambers, test systems and more.

    TDK - Electronic components and Materials

    TDK was founded in Japan on 7 December 1935 to manufacture iron-based magnetic material ferrite, which had been recently invented by Yogoro Kato and Takeshi Takei. In 1952 they began production of magnetic tapes, with compact cassette tapes following in 1966; it is for these that the company is most widely noted

    TDK - Electronic components and Materials

    TDK Museum

    Through videos and practical demonstrations, the museum introduces how TDK’s products and technologies, centered on our strength in ferrite and “magnetism”, have played a role in the evolution of society and how TDK will be involved in the coming future society in an easy-to-understand, enjoyable, and experiential manner.

    Saturday, September 6, 2008

    Moog - Precision Control components and Systems

    Moog Inc. is a worldwide designer, manufacturer, and integrator of precision control components and systems. They have products and solutions for advanced motion control technology.

    Moog - Precision Control components and Systems

    The product line and specialization include - Servo Valves, Servomotors, Servoactuators, Fiber Optic Devices and Controllers.

    High tech solutions include Semiconductor Wafer Handling, RVDT Position Sensors and Avionics Instruments.

    Moog - Precision Control components and Systems

    History of Moog

    "William C. Moog - inventor, entrepreneur and visionary. In 1951, Bill Moog developed the electro-hydraulic servovalve, a device that translates tiny, electrical impulses into precise and powerful movement. In July of 1951, Bill, his brother Arthur, and Lou Geyer, rented a corner of the abandoned Proner Airport in East Aurora and formed the Moog Valve Company."

    Wednesday, September 3, 2008

    Electronic Hardware Ltd - Mechanical Parts

    Authorized distributor for the electronics' industry since 1972.Electronic Hardware Ltd - Mechanical Parts Providing automatic screw machine parts in both standard and metric such as standoffs,spacers, in steel, aluminum, brass,stainless steel,nylon, phenolic, Teflon, Torlon and Ultem.

    Electronic Hardware Ltd - Mechanical Parts

    Automatic screw machine shop can handle orders from .016 up to 2-3/8" in standard and metric measure.

    Electronic Hardware, Ltd.

    13257 Saticoy Street North Hollywood, California. 91605

    PicoScope PC Oscilloscope and Data Acquisition

    PC–based test equipment and data acquisition.. Award-winning range of easy-to-use oscilloscope, automotive diagnostics, and data acquisition products.

    PicoScope PC Oscilloscope and Data Acquisition

    Data Loggers, Automotive Diagnostics, Temperature and Humidity Monitoring.

    "High resolution oscilloscopes with 12– to 16–bit resolution. Low noise and distortion provide unmatched signal fidelity. All models are USB powered and most include an AWG. Included in this range are models with differential inputs and IEPE interfaces."

    PicoScope 4000 Series High-Resolution USB Oscilloscopes

    PicoScope 4000 Series High-Resolution USB Oscilloscopes

    USB TC-08 Thermocouple Data Logger

    USB TC-08 Thermocouple Data Logger

    The TC-08 is an 8 channel thermocouple to PC data logger that connects to a USB port on your PC. The TC-08 can measure temperatures from -270°C to +1800°C and works with all popular types of thermocouples.

    Pico Technology

    James House, Marlborough Road, Colmworth Business Park, Eaton Socon, St Neots,

    Cambridgeshire, PE19 8YP United Kingdom

    Tuesday, August 5, 2008

    Sensitron Power Semiconductors

    Sensitron is a privately held company, founded in 1969 and located on Long Island in Deer Park, New York. Products include  motor controllers, diodes, smart power management and conversion, voltage protection components and embedded boards

    Sensitron Power Semiconductors

    Sensitron's Motor Control expertise extends the usefulness of electronic technologies, bridging the gap between semiconductor devices and their systems usage.

    Sensitron is capable of supplying custom design Solid State Power Products and Remote Power Controllers  that satisfy many unique electrical and mechanical requirements.

    Sensitron Power Semiconductors

    Sensitron's capabilities include fully Integrated 3-Phase Brushless DC Motor Control Subsystem including power stage, non-isolated driver stage and controller stage."
    • Schottky Diodes
    • Motor Controllers
    • Solid State Relays
    • IGBT and MOSFET Drivers
    • Lightning Strike Protection
    • Power Factor Correction
    100 Engineers Road, Hauppauge, NY 11788, USA.

    Intersil - Analog and Mixed - Industrial

    Intersil's products include amplifiers, analog front ends, communication interfaces, data converters, digital potentiometers, display solutions, DSL solutions, optical storage products, power management products, real time clocks, switches/MUX's, etc.

    Intersil - Analog and Power Semiconductors

    Intersil has developed into a leading analog semiconductor manufacturer with five specialized product groups: Consumer Power, Consumer Electronics, Analog Mixed Signal, Industrial Communications and Automotive & Military/Space Specialties.

    iSim Online Designer

    Advanced design tool for creating complex solutions, this is available both as a software download or an online app.

    Capture schematic, view waveforms, perform application analysis and more. It is an interactive web-based design tool for selecting and simulating devices from Intersil's broad portfolio. (power management devices and operational amplifiers.)

    Remote Strain Gauge Reference Design

    Remote Strain Gauge Reference Design

    "Intersil's applications engineer, Daniel Goodhew, presents the remote strain gauge reference design using Nextreme's thermal energy harvester and Intersil's low power, low noise chopper amplifier."


    The original Intersil was founded in 1967. After being acquired by General Electric Corp in 1981, it was sold to Harris Corporation in 1988, at which point the name was retired. Intersil at Wikipedia.

    My own analog design carrer (while in college) started with national semiconductor databooks and Intersil CMOS Hot ideas.

    Fluke Electronics - Industrial and Electrical TM

    Fluke test tools offer solutions in predictive maintenance, electrical testing, biomedical test, thermography, and plant maintenance. Manufactures, distributes and services electronic test tools.

    Fluke Electronics - Industrial and Electrical TM

    Product line of  test and measurement instruments include digital multimeters, clamp meters, electrical testers, power quality analyzers, thermal imagers, insulation resistance testers, portable oscilloscopes, earth ground testers and many more.

    Fluke 125 is the ScopeMeter

    Fluke 125 is the ScopeMeter of choice for the maintenance engineer who deals with industrial machinery and the industrial network connecting his machinery.

    The ScopeMeter 125 combines a 40 or 20 MHz dual input digital storage oscilloscope, two true-RMS digital multimeters and a dual input TrendPlot™ recorder all in a compact, battery powered instrument. Leave all other test tools behind, the ScopeMeter 125 is the only tool you’ll need.

    Monday, August 4, 2008

    Electronic Surplus - Obsolete Rare Components

    They are Experts with hard to find electronic parts from audio ICs and devices, to transformers and relays. An inventory that is made up of obsolete and active items.

    Electronic Surplus - Obsolete Rare Components

    Surplus Electronics: Switches, Capacitors, Transformers, Connectors, Motors, Meters & Analog Indicators, Semiconductors and More.

    Sell or Dispose your stagnant inventories or unused items to Electronic Surplus. This is a Green Solution, Recycle, it also helps small entrepreneurs do something new. Remember old parts may corrode and get infested if idle for long. Electrolytics and Batteries do not have a good shelf life.

    Electronic Surplus - Obsolete Rare Components

    Obsolete IC's, discretes, motors, relays, switches, pots, and much, much more! Always looking for your excess inventory - Electronic Surplus Inc

    "E.S.I. was started by Clyde Daniels back before 1930 when he was selling all types of material he then progressed to Military surplus after World War 2 when his son Dick joined him after serving on PT boats in the Navy and Dick mother Ida Maye completed the family operation."

    Electronic Surplus Inc

    8755 Munson Road #6, MENTOR, OH 44060

    SensorLand - Sensors Transducers Measurement

    Engineers, scientists and students can now access on-line information on sourcing and learning about Sensors and Measurement Systems and Software.

    SensorLand - Sensors Transducers Measurement

    Supplier Section - Choose the type of sensors or systems you need and then browse through several manufacturers or suppliers.

    Find out how a sensor works - Visit the educational section of the site to find out how many Sensors and associated Data Collection and Analysis Equipment works.

    How fibre optical sensors work

    An example of an integrated sensor is the deformation sensor, the schematic is below...

    integrated strain sensor

    It is based on the same basic principle of white-light interferometryas described in the section on point sensor above.Light from a white-light source is transmitted via optical fibre tothe optical sensor. Here the sensor consists of a fibre optical coupler branching out into two fibres of different length and having aminiature mirror attached at each end.

    Designed and managed by Copidate Technical Publicity - Contact Name: Mike Coope.

    Friday, August 1, 2008

    Schumacher Electric - Battery Chargers and Power Inverters

    Since 1947 they have been in manufacturing and marketing of battery chargers, portable power sources, inverters/converters, battery testers, 12V accessories, and welding equipment.

    Schumacher Electric - Battery Chargers and Power Inverters

    Schumacher Electric started originally by designing and producing custom-built transformers for the electronic industry.

    PST-900X ProSeries Battery Tester with a Printer

    This is 3 Testers Battery, Charging and Starting in one instrument. Easy to use with 3 Button Operation and used for testing 6 & 12 volt batteries.

    PST-900X ProSeries Battery Tester with a Printer

    It is also helpful in evaluating 12 & 24 volt charging systems. It has a 16 Character LCD with Adjustable Backlighting. Includes Case, Clamps, Batteries.

    Before you start testing - Precautions - (from the user manual)

    Be sure the area around the battery is well ventilated while the battery is being tested.

    Clean the battery terminals. Be careful to keep corrosion from coming in contact with your eyes.

    Inspect the battery for a cracked or broken case or cover. If the battery is damaged, do not use the tester.

    If the battery is not a sealed maintenance free battery, check the level of each cell and if necessary, add distilled water until the battery acid reaches the level specified by the manufacturer. This helps purge excessive gas from the cells. Do not overfill.

    If it is necessary to remove the battery from the vehicle to test it, always remove the ground terminal from the battery first. Make sure all accessories in the vehicle are off to ensure you do not cause any arcing.

    Schumacher Electric Corporation
    801 Business Center Drive, Mount Prospect, IL 60056, USA.

    MPower Solutions - Battery Management

    MPower is an independent service company providing specialist design and manufacturing services to meet the portable power requirements of the European electronics industry.

    MPower Solutions - Battery Management

    Custom Battery Packs, Battery Management Systems, Batteries 101, Battery Technology Encyclopaedia and Tutorial. Chargers & Charging, Battery Management and Cell Chemistries.

    The site contains a comprehensive knowledge base about battery technology, battery applications, chargers and ancillary equipment.

    MPower Solutions -Engineering and Manufacturing

    Fuel cells have been around longer than most batteries - the principle of the fuel cell was discovered in 1839 by Sir William Grove. They generate electricity from the reaction of hydrogen with oxygen to form water in a process which is the reverse of electrolysis.

    Battery and Energy Technologies

    The fuel cell relies on a basic oxidation/reduction reaction, as with a battery, but the reaction takes place on the fuel rather than the electrodes. The fuel cell produces electricity as long as the cell receives a supply of fuel and can dispose of the oxidized old fuel .

    Woodbank Communications Ltd
    Woodbank, South Crescent Road , Queens Park Chester, CH4 7AU United Kingdom.

    Monday, July 7, 2008

    Nichicon - Capacitors and Special Components

    Various kinds of Capacitors for Electronics, Electric Apparatuses and Power Utilities. Positive thermistors, Switching power supplies. Capacitor applied system and equipment.  Double-layer Capacitors too.

    Nichicon - Capacitors and Special Components

    "Since its founding in 1950, Nichicon has constantly been involved in the development, production, and sales of capacitors, circuit products, and other kinds of electronic components that are essential for many types of electronics."

    Thin-Film Strain-Gauge-Type 3-Axial Force Sensors Nichicon

    News -

    Start of Mass-Production of  Thin-Film Strain-Gauge-Type 3-Axial Force Sensors with Built-in Amp Among Industry’s Smallest, with High Sensitivity and High Reliability

    The product is one of the smallest in the industry and offers high sensitivity and high reliability. Nippon Liniax develops, produces, and markets measuring systems in a range of fields with a focus on strain-gauge-type pressure sensors and transducers. The product uses Nichicon’s proprietary thin-film processing technology.

    History -

    1956 - Established Kyoto Factory for production of aluminum electrolytic capacitors.
    1961 - Started production of solid tantalum electrolytic capacitors.

    Epcos AG - Components - Modules and Systems

    They manufacture and market electronic components, modules and systems. The product line include SAW components, EMC Components, ceramic components, capacitors and inductors.

    Epcos AG - Capacitors EMC SAW Components

    "SAW components (surface acoustic wave components), integrated radio frequency modules are key components of modern information and communications."

    TDK Corporation has extended its range of EPCOS power factor controllers. The new BR7000-I controller is designed specifically for single-phase networks and combines all the performance features and functions of the proven BR6000 series with the benefits of the BR7000 controller.

    Power factor correction Controllers Epcos

    The controller has 12 or 13 outputs. The message and alarm relay parameters may be programmed to open or close.

    Power factor correction: Controllers for single-phase networks

    EPCOS AG (Member of TDK-EPC)
    St.-Martin-Strasse 53 81669 Munich GERMANY

    Amphenol Interconnect Products

    Designs, manufactures and markets electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors, coaxial and flat-ribbon cable, and interconnect systems.

    Amphenol Interconnect Products

    Amphenol RF Amphenol is the world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of RF interconnect systems for the automotive, broadband, instrumentation, internet, military/aerospace and wireless infrastructure markets.

    Amphenol Industrial

    Amphenol Industrial

    Product lines consist of rectangular, standard miniature, fiber optic, EMI/EMP filter, and a variety of special application connectors.

    Amphe-EX  Cylindrical, Metal Finishing, Threaded Coupling, Harsh and Hazardous Environment, Power and Signal Connector.

    Miniature, explosion-proof threaded connector specifically designed to allow a signal to pass through Zone rated areas using coax, fiber optic cables, or standard copper.

    Amphenol Industrial
    40-60 Delaware Ave Sidney, NY 13838 United States

    Allied Electronics - Electronic Components Distribution

    Allied Electronics is a small order, high service level distributor of electronic components and electromechanical products with 55 sales branches across the United States and in Canada.

    Allied Electronics - Electronic Components Distribution
    • Actives & Passives
    • Enclosures & Cooling
    • Switches, Relays & Control
    • Connectors, Wire & Cable
    • Prototyping & Production
    Pomona Electronics 72902 - Test Clips Sets

    Pomona Electronics 72902 - Test Clips Sets

    Kit of 12 Micro SMD Grabbers in 6 colors. Grabbers are designed for easy attachment to SMD chips with pitches down to 0.008" (0.20 mm). Thin yet durable design permits attachment in tight areas.

    History of Allied Electronics -

    1928: Allied Radio was established as the radio parts distribution arm of Columbia Radio Corporation. The company was soon to become one of the most recognizable names in the electronics industry.

    1995: Allied is the first electronics distribution company to come out with a CD-ROM catalog and quickly followed-up by entering the e-commerce arena with the launch of a web site.

    Allied Electronics, Inc.
    7151 Jack Newell Blvd. S. Fort Worth, Texas 76118 U.S.A.

    Friday, July 4, 2008

    Littelfuse - Fuses Varistors Protectors Suppressors

    Developing and manufacturing devices that protect electronic circuits and applications from harm caused by overcurrent and overvoltage events..

    Littelfuse - Fuses Varistors Protectors Suppressors

    Littelfuse has developed solutions in the circuit protection area for many industries. They Include Automotive, Digital Consumer Electronics, Electrical, Industrial Electronics and Telecommunications.

    Littelfuse - Fuses Varistors Protectors Suppressors

    Products Include -

    • Gas Plasma Arresters (GDTs)

    • Silicon Avalanche Diode (SADs)

    • High Reliability and Military Components.

    Littelfuse Inc.

    8755 West Higgins Road, Suite 500 Chicago, Illinois 60631 United States

    Thursday, July 3, 2008

    Davtron - Multi-functional Chronometers

    Clocks and multi-functional chronometers are designed to operate under the most stringent operating conditions.They design avionics instruments like digital clocks, temperature gauges, voltmeters, and multi-function instruments.

    Davtron - Multi-functional Chronometers

    "These advanced clocks add a flight time channel to use for fuel timing. There are two different types of displays available, liquid cyrstal or incandecent; both are readable in high sunlight situations."

    M803 Digital Clock - Davtron

    Universal Time: 24 hour format, 12 hour option, Flight Time: Records in hours and minutes, up to 99:5 9, Flight Time Alarm: Full set range of flight time.

    Elapsed Time Count Up: Starts in minutes and seconds, then hours and minutes, up to 99:59 hours

    Elasped Time Countdown: Settable from one second to 59 minutes and 59 seconds

    M803 Digital Clock - Davtron 

    Davtron Inc.
    427, Hillcrest Way, Emerald Hills, California 94062, USA.

    Friday, June 6, 2008

    MAGNETICS - Ferrite and Powder Cores

    They develop and manufacture soft magnetic components and materials. These are used in the Products in Power Electronics and RF Communications. A leading world supplier of precision, high permeability magnetic components and materials to the electronics industry.

    MAGNETICS - Ferrite and Powder Cores

    Product line include powder cores, ferrite cores, and strip wound cores for applications such as chokes, inductors, filters and transformers.

    MAGNETICS - Ferrite and Powder Cores

    Learn More about Ferrite Cores

    Made from MnZn, ferrite cores offer economical solutions for high frequency power transformers and inductors, EMC filters, and other applications.

    Ferrites are dense, homogenous ceramic structures made by mixing iron oxide with oxides or carbonates of one or more metals such as zinc, manganese, nickel or magnesium.

    Ferrite ETD Cores

    ETD cores are an economical choice for transformers or inductors. ETDs offer a round centerpost for minimum winding resistance. Dimensions are optimized for power transformer efficiency. Typical applications of Magnetics ETD cores include differential mode inductors and power transformers. 

    MAGNETICS a division of Spang & Co

    Magnetics Technology Center

    110 Delta Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15238-0428, USA.

    Thursday, June 5, 2008

    West Instruments - Process Control Instruments

    West Instruments offers the world's broadest range of reputable brand name temperature and process controller products to satisfy a full range of temperature and process control industry applications.

    West Instruments - Process Control Instruments

    ...Over the last 50 years, West has been supplying customers with temperature controller solutions the world over. "

    KS 98-1 Multi Loop Controller

    It has a large number of analog and digital inputs and outputs as standard. A high resolution LCD display (160 x 80 pixels).Setpoint, actual values or manipulated variables can be visualised in either bar graphs or trend curves.

    CANopen I/O expansion with connection to supervisory systems

    CANopen IO expansion - West Instruments

    The instrument offers an extensive function library to support the engineering of individual solutions from analog signal conditioning to digital signal operations and cascade control systems to complex meshed control loops.

    Member of Danaher Controls

    West Control Solutions
    1675 Delany Road Gurnee IL 60031 USA

    Laurel Electronics Inc - Process Instruments

    They design, manufacture and market programmable digital panel meters, counters, timers, remote displays, transmitters and other instrumentation for demanding industrial applications.

    Laurel Electronics Inc - Process Instruments

    Founded in 1990, ......Barret B. Weekes, President and founder, is a MIT graduate who also founded and built Newport Electronics, Inc.

    Product Line include programmable digital panel meters, electronic counters, digital controllers, industrial timers, transmitters, and large-digit data displays.

    Laurel Electronics Inc - Process Instruments

    PC-based data logging with Laurel meters and transmitters

    Sample screens of Laurel's XLog data logging software. A flexible data logging system is created when a PC running Laurel's XLog datalogging software is connected to Laureate meters (DPMs, counters and timers) and transmitters.

    The on-screen position and appearance of individual meters is user selectable to achieve meaningful groupings. User settable parameters include the logging time interval in seconds and header data with or without time and date.

    Laurel Electronics, Inc
    3183-G Airway Avenue, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, USA

    Wednesday, June 4, 2008

    Molex Connectors - Interconnect Solutions

    Leading one-source supplier of interconnect solutions. Over 100,000 reliable products, including everything from electronic, electrical and fiber optic interconnect solutions to switches and application tooling.

    Molex Connectors - Interconnect Solutions

    Connectors, interconnect solutions, Electro-mechanical hardware, Fiber optic interconnects, Industrial automation parts, cable and wiring management  and

    Molex Connectors - Interconnect Solutions

    History of Molex

    1938 - Frederick August Krehbiel and his son Edwin develop a durable, moldable thermoplastic, manufactured from limestone and industrial by-products. They call their material "Molex."

    2222 Wellington Court Lisle, IL 60532 United States

    Princeton Applied Research - Electrochemical Instrumentation

    Princeton Applied Research
    - Electrochemical Instrumentation

    Princeton Applied Research is a global leader in
    the manufacture of electrochemical instrumentation including potentiostats and
    galvanostats for research electrochemistry, applied corrosion, battery and fuel
    cell research, biomedical research, plating and sensor applications.

    Founded in 1961 by a group of scientists and businessmen from Princeton
    University and the Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton Applied Research has
    over 40 years' experience in understanding and serving the needs of the
    electrochemical research market.

    Electrochemical Software, Electrochemical Accessories, Research
    Electrochemistry, Fuel Cell Research, Sensors, Biomedical Research, Surface

    2273 - Princeton Applied Research

    A Versatile potentiostat or galvanostat, the 2273 has more internal maximum
    current and an ability to boost up to 20A. It can interface with many
    instruments and equipment for Laboratory Research..

    "The 2273 hardware combined with PowerSINE software can perform EIS
    experiments from 1MHz to 10µHz. These measurements can control either
    potentiostatic (Single Sine, Fast MultiSine, or Mott-Schottky), or
    galvanostatic, (Galvanostatic EIS) experiments."

    PARSTAT 2273 - Princeton Applied Research


    • 2A current max. (20A boosted)

    • 100V compliance

    • 1.2fA current resolution

    • > 1013 Ω input impedance

    • < 5pF of capacitance

    • 10µHz to 1MHz built in analyzer

    Saturday, May 10, 2008

    OKI Sensor - Reed Switches and Sensors

    Oki Sensor Device is a specialty manufacturer of reed switches and related products developed specifically to respond to these user needs.

    OKI Sensor - Reed Switches and Sensors

    Products include Reed Switches, Proximity Switches, Shock Sensors.

    "The reed switch was invented by Dr. W. B. Ellwood at Bell Telephone Laboratories in 1936. The first application was made during 1938 when the reed switch was used as a selector switch in coaxial carrier equipment. Later, improvements of the reed switches were made in parallel with the development of the telecommunications technology."

    OKI Sensor - Reed Switches and Sensors

    "Structure and Operating Principles As shown in Figure 3.1, the reed switches comprise two ferromagnetic reeds placed with a gap in between and hermetically sealed in a glass tube. The glass tube is filled with inert gas to prevent the activation of the contacts. The surfaces of the reed contacts are plated with rhodium."

    from The Oki Reed Catalog

    OKI Introduces High Switching Current Reed Switch This device achieves industry-first 5 A maximum carry current and 2 A maximum switching current with glass tube length of 16.5 mm

    OKI  High Switching Current Reed Switch

    High current reed switch, ORD872

    Oki Sensor Device Corporation.

    Tachihi Bldg. No7 4th Fl. 6-1-1, Sakae-cho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo 190-0003, Japan

    Hasco Components - Reed and Electromechanical Relays

    Hasco Components has been in the business of Relays, Reed Switches and Reed Relays since 1976.

    Hasco Components - Reed and Electromechanical Relays

    Product line encompass 500 different types of relays and electromechanical relays, as well as 24 types of reed relays, that range from milliamps to 80 amps. They include both DC and AC coil voltages and can also switch from one pole to 4 pole

    RPR Series RPR SeriesSPDT 10 Amp

    10A switching capability, Subminiature, standard PCB layout, Plastic sealed and flux proofed types available.

    611 Series Mini Reed Relays 0.5 Amp

    Encapsulated Body, Small size, PCB Mounting, Available with external shield.

    delabs Notes

    Reed relays can be used even for switching High Frequency and Low Level Signal. The control circuit should not induce cross talk. It is good for even making precision Attenuators.  

    Hasco Relays and Electronics International Corp.

    906 Jericho Turnpike New Hyde Park, NY 11040, USA.

    Velleman - Kits Tools and Equipment

    "VELLEMAN nv has been a major distributor of electronics for more than 35 years. Our warehouses contain over 18,000 different products from 50 brands."

    Velleman - Kits Tools and Equipment

    • Velleman kits & oscilloscopes

    • Transformers, coils & motors

    • Semiconductors & sensors

    • Passive components

    • Batteries & chargers

    • Adapters & power supplies

    • Enclosures

    They have the Test bench tools, parts and also all the prototyping materials.

    A Velleman Power Supply for the Test bench

    A Velleman Power Supply for the Test bench

    Velleman Inc. 7354 Tower Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76118

    Thursday, May 8, 2008

    Pyromation - Thermocouples and RTD

    Pyromation - Thermocouples and RTD

    Pyromation - Thermocouples and RTD

    • Industrial Thermocouple Elements, Protection Tubes and Assemblies

    • Magnesium Oxide Insulated Thermocouple Assemblies

    • General Purpose RTD's

    • RTD Temperature Transmitters

    • Rubber Compound and Aggregate Mixer

    Custom Design

    "Our in-house machine shop - complete with metal cutting, threading, shaping and finishing machinery, and stocked with a variety of raw material - compliments our Engineering, Design, and Production teams to manufacture sensors with special component parts."

    Pyromation, Inc.

    5211 Industrial Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46825, USA

    Current Solutions OEM Power Products

    OEM Power Supply Resource Inverters, Converters and Adapter. They help you in selecting the proper power supply as they have the experience and the Specialists.

    Current Solutions OEM Power Products

    They match your product with the ideal power supply taking into account all the intricate variables..  

    Product Range Includes
    • Open Frame, Enclosed and PC ATX
    • DC/AC Inverters and DC/DC Converters
    • AC/DC Power Supplies
    • Rackmount, Din-Rail and PCB Mount
    Current Solutions OEM Power Products

    Inverter S150 from Cotek

    This is a True Sine Wave Output Inverter with a THD 6% Typ. It is DC to AC Conveyor. That means you use Batteries to derive a High Voltage AC like the Mains Utility Supply.

    The output selection of 100/110/120 VAC covers the US region and similar areas. The input being 12VDC / 24VDC.  This is a small 150 Watts unit ideal for Small Solar power systems and lighting.

    Specifications Include
    • Input & output fully isolation
    • Input polarity reverse / under voltage / over voltage protections
    • Output short circuit / overload / over temperature protections
    • Capable of driving highly reactive and capacitive loads
    Current Solutions, Inc.
    P.O. Box 1538, Land O' Lakes, FL 34639-3929, USA.

    Tuesday, May 6, 2008

    The Circuits Shop - Electronics in Meccano

    The Circuits Shop - Electronics in Meccano

    The Electronics in Meccano Circuits Shop gives you access to the entire Maplin Electronics catalogue. In addition to the essential components and tools you'll need as an electronics hobbyist, Maplin stock a wide range of electrical items for your home, car, computer and elsewhere.

    Electronics in Meccano

    Articles on motor control, components, and practical matters like soldering, along with full shopping lists for each circuit described.

    Friday, April 4, 2008

    Jameco Electronics - Electronic components distributor

    Jameco Electronics is a leading online and catalog distributor of electronic components. The company's broad product line includes semiconductors, passives, interconnects, electromechanical, power sources and specialty products.

    Jameco Electronics - Electronic components distributor

    "The company was founded in 1974 in Silicon Valley by Dennis Farrey, who was committed to searching the world to bring his customers great values in electronic components."

    ICs & Semiconductors, Opto & Illumination, Passive Components, Wire & Cable Interconnects, Electronic Design Education & Hobby, Robotics. and More ...

    AC/DC Power Supply Single - Lascar Electronics

    AC/DC Power Supply Single Output - Lascar Electronics

    The PSU 130 is a compact, lightweight benchtop power supply. Designed as an affordable yet highly functional piece of lab equipment, the PSU 130 will be commonplace in Engineering/Test departments worldwide.

    Jameco Electronics
    1355 Shoreway Road, Belmont, CA 94002, USA.

    CWS - Magnetics Coils Inductors Transformers

    "CWS provides full service from design, prototyping, pre-production run to volume production. All of CWS engineers have at least 10 years of experience in designing and manufacturing of magnetic components such as inductor, choke, coil and transformer for many applications. These inductor, choke, coil, and transformer are designed with ferrites, iron powder, MPP, sendust or high flux cores in all shapes and sizes. "

    CWS Coils

    CWS - Magnetics Coils Inductors Transformers

    • EMI / RFI, Inline Filters, Chokes

    • Power Magnetic

    • Inductors and Differential Mode Chokes

    • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Device

    • Power Line Reactor Coil

    • Antenna Coils 

    Square MPP Cores

    Core used are specially designed square shaped MPP core Only 10mm ( 0.4") high, single turn rectangular wire. Can be arranged in series and parallel as a flat pack Inductance range from: 10 NH to 25uH Current range to 250 Amps

    Square MPP Cores

    CWS Coil Winding Specialist

    353 West Grove Ave Orange, California 92865

    Electronic Components

    Electronic Components
    Resistors, Capacitors, Magnetics, Electromechanical, Kits, Tools.


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